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We at C4-Revolutions have developed aftermarket replacement parts that are intended to be used for off road motorcycle freestyle “stunt riding”. Our parts are manufactured out of the highest quality Military Grade Steel on the market, not cheap sub grade steel. No longer will you struggle with braking and replacing your Stock Subframe, Upper Stay, and the other cast aluminum parts that come Stock on your bike. They are just not reliable for Stunt Riding. 

New product being developed every day and will be added to the site...
Along with C4-REVOLUTIONS mass-produced Stunt Parts listed here, we also are a FULL Custom Shop with the ability to do anything one-off. 

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*About Us at C4-REVOLUTIONS*

A stunt product focused business with the goal to be the nations largest provider for all your stunt riding needs. We will provide products for just about every Japanese sport bike on the market. 

C4-Revolutions is a Family owned and operated business that has been in the motorcycle industry for more then 3 generations, so when we go into production to engineer a product we make it our goal to make the products strong enough to handle just about anything. Rest assured that your money will go far with our products unlike the weak factory cast aluminum OEM parts.  We do our best to keep within factory specs with the exception that we are engineering stunt parts and nobody wants something that’s too weak or average when your spending you're hard earned money. That is why we do our best to make a product you will be able to get the most out of. For example, our highest selling product right now is the replacement steel subframe. These bikes are made by the manufacturer to be light weight and fast. Here at C4-Revolutions it is our goal to make the most popular of all the Japanese sport bikes on the market strong enough to handle the abuse of stunt riding. We would like to thank each and every one of you who support and help keep this sport growing.

We here at C4-Revolutions are focused on engineering and developing stunt proven parts hand made with the finest care out of the highest quality materials out on the market. We understand that stunting can be a costly sport so when you buy from us rest assured that your new C4-Revolutions products has been thoroughly thought out and tested to last.

Thank you for helping our sport grow.


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